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At its highest level, the Greek Revolution was the coming together of every city, every region, every Hellene and Philhellene, to fight for a common cause of freedom. It represents the beginning of modern Greece and is the starting point for the 200 years of history that follow, from Greek Independence, to the Greek Genocide, to the mass migration of Greeks in the early 20th century, to the role of Greece and the Greek Diaspora today and its future direction.

Therefore, the best way to celebrate the anniversary of that fight is to share and preserve the culture that freedom has allowed us to preserve; to tell the story of Modern Greece from the perspective of its people and its Diaspora. 

Like the Revolution, each of our villages, our cities, our regions, and our ancestors is a part of this interwoven history that makes up the mural of Greece and the Greek Diaspora. So take this opportunity to share your piece of the mural. Take ownership of your history. Tell us your story. 

Unsure of your ancestry? Want to learn more about your family roots? 


Unsure of your ancestry? Want to learn more about your family roots? Visit for a wealth of information on greek genealogy, collections of digitalized records, and events surrounding our shared Hellenic ancestors!

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Vachos, Greece

- New York, NY

"A part of my ancestry is from Vachos, located in the Mani peninsula in Laconia. The village is located less than 7km from Areopoli, where the Greek War of Independence began. 

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