About Us


"Greece 200" is a committee of the young Greek Diaspora, formed to empower the Hellenic youth and ensure they have a leading voice in the international celebrations of the Greek Bicentennial in 2021. 

Our motto of "Honoring Our Past by Building Our Future" symbolizes our philosophy that (1) knowledge of our history can be used to build a better and more successful future and (2) empowering youth in the present is the key to a solid foundation for Greece, the Diaspora, and Hellenism in the future. 


In celebrating 200 years since the Greek Revolution and the history of Modern Greece, we strive to:

  • Emphasize the modern relevance of the Greek Revolution

  • Personalize the celebrations of the Greek Bicentennial, with a focus on family, friends, and community

  • Memorialize Modern Greek culture and history and its impact on the West

  • Unite the young Hellenic diaspora


Leading up to and throughout the year 2021, we will design and implement a series of events, programs, and initiatives to engage with the Hellenic community and accomplish our stated goals. While these programs are always evolving, the highlights include: 

  • Historical education presentations, both through verbal panels and written articles

  • Cultural events focused on the promotion and appreciation of Modern Greek culture

  • Creation of digital records (including an interactive map) of Greek ancestry, family history, and the migration and growth of the Hellenic Diaspora

  • Building a monument in Athens, Greece dedicated to the Greek Genocide of 1914-1923 and recognizing all 1.5 million victims